We integrate a multidisciplinary expert panel to provide solutions for the oil & gas, green energy, enhanced oil recovery, compression, petrochemical and heavy industries. Founded in 2000, RH International Consulting, Inc, has become the primary source for supplies of hard-to-find products and built-to-order equipment.

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RH International Consulting offers a complete catalog of Surface and Subsurface products that have been field-proven for performance, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Our engineers, designers and technical specialists can integrate or adapt new components to existing systems as well as customize parts to address the specific conditions of your site. All products adhere to the highest quality standards and represent the latest advances in materials, structure and technology.

  • Storage and Pipeline
  • Flow Station
  • Drilling and Downhole
  • Production
  • Mobile rigs

The ever-changing world is taking advantage of energy generated from resources that are continually replenished on a human timescale including sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat. As a full service provider of alternative energy systems, RH International Consulting in committed to promoting a future world powered by sustainable energy.

  • Solar
  • Fuel Cell
  • Wind, Waves and Tide



Recovery Systems

RH International, as a representative of Engineered Systems is at the forefront of enhanced oil recovery. The Engineered Systems have gained experience that remains unequaled in the field. RH International Thermotics steam generators and related water treatment systems have been operating successfully for more than two decades. A team of engineers, designers, service technicians, and manufacturing specialists will design systems customized to any specifications.



Thermotics steam generators from ITS Engineered Systems, Inc., utilize a once-through horizontal design for easier field installation and repair. They can be equipped for wet, saturated, or super-heated discharge conditions using gas or liquid fuel. This once-through design handles a relatively high percentage of solids in soluble form and does not require continuous blow down or constant operator attention. The horizontal tube configuration-serpentine and straight – simplifies tube and refractory repair while eliminating entrained liquid fallback and simplifying drainage for non-operating periods in freezing environments.



ITS offers complete engineering, fabrication, installation, training and service. Engineering and design are customized to match your specific parameters and environment with the fully integrated packages and systems you need. Throughout fabrication, on-site installation, training and service, ITS total quality assurance guarantees optimum performance of ITS systems anywhere in the world.


From ultra-pure water treatment to enhanced heavy-crude production, RH International Consulting, Inc, can fulfill all your equipment needs for fluid treating facilities. With our comprehensive list of products and efficient distribution system, we can simplify your procurement processes and lower overall costs.


Compressors represent a key component in the industry's infrastructure, affecting the reliability and profitability of oil and gas transport. RH International Consulting stocks off-the-shelf compressor packages or builds custom-designed compressors to client specifications. Rigorous testing in advance of installation assures high quality and smooth operation on-site without interruption to tight schedules or downtime during seasonal swings in demand.


With regulation of emissions constantly tightening and the oil and gas industry under close scrutiny, RH International Consulting has broadened its scope of products in response to these growing concerns with environmental safety.


Oil and gas refining is a complex process that depends on peak performance from each component. RH International Consulting can provide the highest quality products, from the smallest cog to the biggest wheel, to keep operations running at maximum capacity.


Since production equipment is subject to wear and tear from constant operation, RH International Consulting can provide all the corrective and preventative products needed to sustain operation. We can deliver a full range of replacement hardware to solve minor problems promptly on site, and the latest monitoring devices that give you the capability to anticipate issues.


We deliver the industrial chemicals that are essential to the modern world economy for the production of thousands of goofs. RH International Consulting can supply all the chemicals you require in your operation, from the most common to the rarely requested.



RH International Consulting is equally equipped to meet the needs of the mining, construction and heavy industry. Our list of new or pre-owned machinery for leasing, key maintenance parts, tools and peripheral supplies along with our professional expertise can make any development project more efficient.

  • Drilling & Blasting Equipment
  • Crushers, Breakers & Grinding Mills
  • Loaders & Haulage
  • Pre-owned Mining Equipment
  • Replacement Parts


RH International Consulting can supply leading brands of antifriction and long-lifespan bearings as well as innovative industrial seals for every application.

  • Ball Bearingst
  • Roller Bearings
  • Thrust Bearings
  • Oilfield Specials
  • Taper Roller
  • Grease Seals
  • Rod Seals


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